The Turano Family and Friends Raise Over $62,000 In Three Years for GIST Cancer Research

The Turano Family takes fundraising for the GIST Cancer Research Fund as a personal quest. Angelo Turano was diagnosed with GIST cancer in 2008. He endured four surgeries to remove GIST tumors and in May 2018, Angelo was diagnosed again with a reoccurrence of GIST. The Turanos made a decision to stay optimistic and are doing everything in their power to spread awareness in hope that someday a cure will be found.

Dr. Ron DeMatteo is the doctor treating Angelo and along with Angelo, his wife, Karen and their two children have participated in the GCRF Walk for a Cure. Not only do they walk but also, they make a concerted effort to raise money for the walk. Every member of Team Turano who participated in the Walk and even some who couldn’t make it, reached out to all of their extended family, friends, business partners and co-workers to raise additional donations. In total, over $13,000.00 was raised. This is truly an amazing effort by one family to make a difference in the fight to find a cure for GIST Cancer. Of course, the Turano Family have decided to make this an annual event to help raise the much-needed funds for GIST Cancer research.

Since 2016, the Turano Family has had a fundraising event for GCRF. It started out as a small intimate event but this year, 225 people attended a tricky tray/50/50 dinner at the Hanover Manor in Hanover, NJ. They spread the word through invitations, word of mouth and social media. Approximately $29,000. was made this year for a total of $62,000. after three events. The Turanos have begun planning a new event for 2019.

GCRF deeply appreciates the generosity, hard work and dedication of the Turano family in their fight against GIST Cancer. We also thank the relatives, friends and colleagues of the Turano Family who attend the fundraisers and donate to save lives. You are making a huge difference in finding a cure.

GCRF would also like to welcome Karen Turano as its newest member of the Board of Directors. GCRF needs the passion and enthusiasm that Karen brings with her to help us spread the word and find a cure.

Please remember that 100% of all donations go directly to GIST Cancer Research.

$13,000 Raised For GIST Cancer Research!

Jay Laegreid

Many thanks to the Laegreid family and all of those who attended the celebration. We truly celebrate the life of Jay Laegreid. $13,000 was raised to help fight GIST Cancer.

Jay Laegreid was a hardworking, fun-loving woman who devoted her life to saving and improving the lives of others. In 2002, she was diagnosed with GIST Cancer and though it slowed her down, it did not stop her. It was a rough battle for her to fight. But it was a battle that her family would like to say she ultimately won by learning to celebrate life to the fullest and accomplish all her goals before this disease took her from us in 2008. During her battle with GIST she had two missions: in addition to saving the lives of the babies she worked with every day, she was also determined to obliterate GIST.

GCRF Fundraiser & Blood Drive - In Honor of Terri Goembel

The 6th Annual GIST Cancer Research Fundraiser & Blood Drive in honor of Terri Goembel was held on August 4, 2017. Terri was diagnosed in January 2011 with GIST and received over 25 units of blood throughout her courageous battle. Terri’s sister, Trisha Lien organized this event to give back to the community and to help in the fight to find a cure. Trisha and Robby Lien (far left, front row in photo) and her amazing family and group of volunteers raised $7,700. for GIST Cancer Research. Thank you Trisha!