GCRF Fundraiser & Blood Drive - In Honor of Terri Goembel

The 6th Annual GIST Cancer Research Fundraiser & Blood Drive in honor of Terri Goembel was held on August 4, 2017. Terri was diagnosed in January 2011 with GIST and received over 25 units of blood throughout her courageous battle. Terri’s sister, Trisha Lien organized this event to give back to the community and to help in the fight to find a cure. Trisha and Robby Lien (far left, front row in photo) and her amazing family and group of volunteers raised $7,700. for GIST Cancer Research. Thank you Trisha!

Team Turano: Walking For A Cure & Making A Difference

GCRF is grateful for the Turano Family and their courageous fight again GIST Cancer. We thank them for their generous support and making a difference in the lives of GIST patients everywhere. We ask everyone to keep Angelo, GIST patients and families in your thoughts and prayers.

For the Turano Family, the GIST Cancer Research Walk For a Cure was personal. Angelo Turano was diagnosed with GIST cancer in 2008. Between that time and 2015, he endured three surgeries to remove GIST tumors. In August of this year, Angelo was diagnosed again with a reoccurrence of GIST. After learning of his most recent diagnosis, the Turano family was devastated. But after a few weeks, they made a decision to stay optimistic and concentrate on something positive. They began by doing some research on GIST Cancer and in doing so, found the GIST Cancer Walk For A Cure in New York.

The doctor treating Angelo is Dr. Ron DeMatteo and he often speaks of the GCRF Walk. Angelo, his wife, Karen and their two children immediately made the decision to participate in the 2016 Walk for a Cure. Not only would they walk but also, they made a concerted effort to raise money for the walk in only three weeks time.

Karen took charge and decided to use the most efficient way to quickly communicate to family and friends. She sent out text messages inviting them to participate in the walk as well. Two weeks prior to the walk, Karen and her sisters brainstormed on how to raise money in such a short time. “We thought about having a fundraiser dinner but our concern was the short notice. First, can we pull it off? And second, would people come? My sister, Chrissy, said that we should just invite everyone we know and see who can make it,” Karen said. It was a great idea. They invited family members and close friends for a dinner at the Turano house the following weekend and asked for donations for the GIST Cancer Research Fund in honor of Angelo. They were determined to raise funds for the walk.

Everyone was assigned a task, whether it was shopping, making centerpieces, cooking, setting up the tables and chairs, decorating, donating prizes, cleaning up, etc. All of the Turano family and friends came together and contributed to the success of what turned out to be an amazing event. “Never would I have imagined the turnout we had. We ended up with over 100 people at our home honoring Angelo and when it was over, we raised over $7,500.00,” commented Karen.

Every member of Team Turano who participated in the Walk and even some who couldn’t make it, reached out to all of their extended family, friends, business partners and coworkers to raise additional donations. In total, over $13,000.00 was raised. This was truly an amazing effort by one family to make a difference in the fight to find a cure for GIST Cancer. Of course, the Turano Family has decided to make this an annual event to help raise the much-needed funds for GIST Cancer research.